A Comprehensive Comparison: Pella vs. ThermaTru Entry Doors

Jan 10, 2024

A new entry door can be an affordable and intelligent way to elevate your home’s style and character. With a new door, you can upgrade your home and add many fringe benefits, such as increased security and reduced energy consumption. 

But the issue with entry doors boils down to one thing for many homeowners: which company provides the best in cost, durability, performance, and design? Minardi Lumber and Millwork has partnered with two well-known companies, Pella and ThermaTru, to provide our entry doors. 

So, what do these two door companies offer customers that go beyond the other companies? 

What Are the Key Differences Between Pella and ThermaTru Entry Doors?

When choosing a new entry door, you may wonder about the differences between all the companies. For many, it usually boils down to the price since it’s the first thing you see as a consumer. 

Pella and ThermaTru are premium options among entry doors. Depending on where you purchase your door, you may notice a difference of a few more dollars between the two.

However, both companies tend to use quality materials for their doors. Material usage is the difference between a good door and a great one. A better-constructed and engineered door means they’ll last longer, and you’ll enjoy better energy efficiency.  

Both door companies employ different weather-stripping experiences, but the goal is to prevent energy loss and protect your entryway from moisture damage. 

Are There Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options Available in Pella and ThermaTru Entry Doors? 

ThermaTru and Pella pride themselves on their sustainability efforts as part of long-term environmental goals. Both companies have created web pages to discuss their actions to help the environment. From entry doors to patio doors, it’s all about sustainability for both companies. After all, building a home uses many natural and artificial resources. 

Pella says their efforts include finding innovative ways to “reclaim and reuse materials” and “source ethical and sustainable materials through strong supply chain partners.” 

On the other hand, ThermaTru focuses on its efforts to use more recyclable materials, such as fiberglass, instead of high-end materials like wood. 

However, both companies produce products rated by ENERGY STAR for their energy efficiency standards. Both companies seem attentive and understand that helping the environment is a winning idea.

How Do Pella and Therma-Tru Entry Doors Compare in Terms of Durability and Longevity?

As we previously reported, ThermaTru and Pella are among the higher-end entry door companies thanks to their use of quality materials. But when we get down to brass tacks, how do both companies compare to each other regarding longevity and durability? 

Both companies rely on materials that tend to last longer than other doors. Pella and Therma-Tru manufacture doors from fiberglass, wood, and reusable materials. 

Still, online reviewers tend to praise the quality of both companies, with Pella leading the pack thanks primarily to name recognition. ThermaTru, on the other hand, gets plenty of love from installers themselves. 

Longevity and durability also rely heavily on proper installation. It’s imperative that you hire a company known for installing doors based on manufacturer specifications. That way, you know you’re paying for more than just a high-quality door – you’re paying for high-quality service, too. 

However, homeowners would be wise to research based on the type of door they need. If you’re seeking an entry door for a garage, you’ll likely land on a fiberglass door. A central entry door may need something classier with a warm, inviting charm. 

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