Owens Corning® Insulation: An Outstanding Solution for Your Home

The weather outside is always changing, but the temperature of your home’s interior shouldn’t be. If your property’s HVAC system is constantly running just to keep your home at a consistent and comfortable temperature, it may be time to purchase new insulation from Minardi Lumber & Millwork. As a local, family-owned business, we take pride in providing our customers with high-quality insulation options from the esteemed manufacturer, Owens Corning®. Whether you live in Duluth, Minnesota, or a surrounding community, we are your one-stop shop for all your insulation needs.

Choose the Perfect Home Insulation

If you’re looking to increase your home’s thermal performance and comfort, Minardi Lumber & Millwork has you covered. We offer both high efficiency fiberglass insulation and blown-in cellulose insulation from Owens Corning. Both are outstanding options for attics, walls, or other areas that require insulation because they offer superb benefits, including:

  • Improved comfort – The premium insulation products that we offer will minimize heat transfer in your home, leading to a cooler living space in the summer and a warmer one in the winter. Therefore, you can enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment all year long.
  • Reduced energy expenses – By improving your home’s energy efficiency with new insulation, the burden on your HVAC system could be reduced, potentially reducing your energy bills.
  • A more peaceful space – A well-insulated home is more noise-resistant, so if you’re bothered by cars, sirens, or other sounds from outside, new insulation is a wise investment.

These are just a sample of the benefits you could experience when you choose Owens Corning insulation!

The Insulation Suppliers to Trust

Minardi Lumber & Millwork is proud to be the top insulation supplier serving homeowners in Duluth, MN, and surrounding communities. Our experienced crew understands the importance of selecting the right insulation for each customer’s needs, so if you require assistance choosing the ideal option for your home, we would be more than happy to help. Contact us today to get your questions answered or request a free quote.

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 Great customer service and work ethic! I am having a roof put on my house and the company I went through for the roof has not been the best. The gentleman who came to bring the materials from Minardi was told there would be guys here to help unload the truck and there was no one here. He unloaded the entire truck of materials by himself. He was very respectful and helpful. I felt bad that he had to do it on his own but if it bothered him you could not tell one bit. I will definitely be going through Minardi for any other project materials. Keep up the great work! It’s good to know there are some great companies still out there to work with. 
 We ordered basement windows for our old home- They were able to order what we needed. Expensive- like everything else these days!! 
 This was an excellent experience. Derrick was the best from the estimate he gave me to the professional installation of my patio door. Ill be back and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a true professional. Ask for Derrick. 
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