Nov 17, 2023

Minardi Lumber and Millwork is the family-owned, family-operated, and family-values-oriented construction materials provider for our corner of Minnesota. As one of many trusted construction suppliers in the area, many people choose us thanks to our knowledge and experience.

That experience and knowledge allow us to tell you things you may have never known about construction, materials supply, or even simple do-it-yourself projects. Our blog hopes to provide you with a greater level of knowledge and understanding that goes into our work here.

Why Trust Minardi?

Minardi isn’t just about being the local solution to the big-box home improvement centers. We’re about helping our community’s continued growth and providing a path to greater understanding.

A home improvement project is about so much more than hammers and nails – it’s about careful planning, precision, and a clear vision to make your project a reality. Thanks to our staff, you have a wealth of knowledge to pick through to aid you in your journey.

Whatever your project needs are, Minardi is there to lend a hand with materials and services that cannot be beaten by anyone else in the market. Do you have a small project? We can help you get it off the ground. Are you a contractor or builder looking to make someone’s dream home? We’ve got just about everything you need!

A Healthy Knowledgebase

Our skills in contracting, home improvement, and materials also allow us to pass our knowledge on to the next generation of do-it-yourselfers and contractors. If you’ve never swung a hammer in your life or been in the trades for decades, Minardi’s goal is to tell you something you may have never known or a new way of doing something. There’s no judgment here because we all started somewhere!

Forget those smug folks who think they know it all. It’s our goal to be that helping hand for you. We look forward to serving you here and in person. Contact us today to learn more!

See What Our Customers Have to Say About Us
 Great customer service and work ethic! I am having a roof put on my house and the company I went through for the roof has not been the best. The gentleman who came to bring the materials from Minardi was told there would be guys here to help unload the truck and there was no one here. He unloaded the entire truck of materials by himself. He was very respectful and helpful. I felt bad that he had to do it on his own but if it bothered him you could not tell one bit. I will definitely be going through Minardi for any other project materials. Keep up the great work! It’s good to know there are some great companies still out there to work with. 
 We ordered basement windows for our old home- They were able to order what we needed. Expensive- like everything else these days!! 
 This was an excellent experience. Derrick was the best from the estimate he gave me to the professional installation of my patio door. Ill be back and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a true professional. Ask for Derrick. 
Premium Products at a Price You Can Afford

Minardi Lumber & Millwork is proud to offer convenient financing options to help you fit your project into your budget.

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